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Krista, the latest winner of America’s Next Top Model

Krista, the latest winner of America’s Next Top Model

If you’re a skinny black chick and want your photo on here, send it to me! jamienfleming [at] gmail [dot] com.

Ain’t I real woman?

I wrote this post last summer for “for colored gurls”, but I think it’s still relevant, especially for this blog.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the new Fox reality TV Show ‘More to Love.’ The show kind of bothers me. It’s not only the fact that women are on a reality show for a few weeks looking for “love” (that’s reality, right?), it’s also that these women are touted as ‘real women.’

Don’t get me wrong, I think plus-sized women are beautiful like all women, and I loved the movie Real Women have Curves. But the title and the fact people say and believe this, in my opinion, is not cool. Well, not so much that they believe it, but that they believe it’s the authentic (and only or best) way to be.

I’m assuming a curvy woman is considered real because they’re not fake like thin women in Hollywood. However, I’m thin, and lots of other women are, too? So what does that make us? Little girls?

Well, that doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, I agree that every woman should love her body at any and every size, and if saying ‘real women have curves’ helps you feel better, then that’s awesome.  It’s just kind of insulting (in my opinion) that I’m not seen as real because I don’t have dangerous curves ahead.

I also understand that most women in America look like this (research shows that one out of three women wear a size 14), but let’s face it, there are naturally thin women as well. It may not be as many, but we’re out here!

And one of my biggest pet peeves is larger individuals feeling like it’s okay to call me (or anyone else) ’skinny’ or ‘toothpick ‘ or any other name or phrase to make me feel bad about my size. (Can you say Mo’Nique?) I’ve made this argument many times, and people generally say the same things- it’s different because there is more discrimation against larger-sized people so it’s okay to critique thinner people. Well, I see it like this: no one should really judge or criticize anyone’s size, particularly if they don’t want it done to them.

So what’s the point? I’m really just venting but I really feel like the whole body image thing is a very serious issue no matter what size. I just wanted to point out the other side of the issue. That is all lol.

What do ya’ll think?

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

Jessica B.

Jessica B.

Why I started this blog

I’m Jamie, and I’m a skinny black chick and proud of it!

However, I wasn’t always happy about being skinny…I’ve been thin my whole life, and I use to always want to be bigger {and, admittedly, I still have my moments}. I wanted to gain weight because it seemed like being thin and black was a bad thing. People would always be like, “Oh my god, you’re soooo skinny!” or “You need to eat!” {Well, some people still do, but, I digress.}

As you can imagine, that gets old after a while, so I wanted to be thicker, curvier, you know, like the “other” black girls. Don’t get me wrong now, I didn’t hate myself, nor did I have an issue with males pursuing me…I guess I just wanted to look like “they” looked and to feel like I fit in. I figured I’d gain weight in college, you know, the freshmen 15. Well, that didn’t happen exactly. I mean, yeah, I gained weight, about 10 pounds actually. It just took me all four years to actually gain anything. Anyhoo, long story short, I just started embracing who I was and loving myself and my skinny-ness. Even though people try to make me feel like I shouldn’t.

I know I’m not the only skinny black girl tired of Mo’Nique talking about “skinny bitches,” people asking if we eat {What?! Most of the skinny girls I know can eat- just ask anyone I know about me} or telling me that “only a dog wants a bone; men want a ‘real’ woman.” {Yeah, you can ask my fiance what he likes}.

Anyway, I made this blog to celebrate the skinny black chicks. That’s not to say I don’t celebrate all women because I do {see my blog, for colored gurls}…

So, here, I’ll talk about my thoughts and experiences, post pics of other skinny and fabulous black chicks and just celebrate this aspect of black beauty.


P.S.- If you’re a skinny black chick, send me a pic of you to post to

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